Fire in Boulder County

There is a horrendous fire burning to the west of our town, right along the foothills. It’s a tricky time of year for fires. The front range of Colorado has been so dry. The Open Space that Boulder County is proud of is tinder dry. All it took was a power pole to blow over and spark and voila! we have a wildfire. Of course, the warm, chinook winds we’re having today aren’t helping any. Sustained wind (not gusts) of 50 mph have been howling all day. Last time I heard, three houses and a barn have been burned and the fire is working on 1000+ acres.

People bring their animals to the Fairgrounds in emergencies like this. The facilities filled up so fast, they had to find additional shelter. Sombrero Ranches, where my daughter works during the summers, offered to take in horses being evacuated. She and my son are over at the ranch this evening trying to get all the nervous newcomers settled in.

Fire, like all the natural disasters pinging our country, wrecks havoc in the lives of innocent people. My prayers go out for the residents in harms’ way, and for the emergency personnel fighting to protect homes and save lives.

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