Maybe January 31st, 2009

As Martin Luther King once said, “I have a dream. . .”

Or rather in the words of Audra Harders, “I had a dream.”

My original goal was to complete the rough draft of my current wip by Dec 31st. Well, progress is going well, just not quickly.

People write in different ways and at different paces. I thought I could whip out a rough draft in a month and then work on the details. The problem is my new approach of getting into my character’s head is at strong odds with spit-it-out-and-clean-up-later.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Diana’s and Gabe’s heads lately. They’re really quite complex people. Each evening as I sit down to write, I think about just getting from point A to point B, but find that all the good stuff inbetween can’t be glossed over.

And there you have it. You can send an old dog to school, but you can’t make them rough-draft like they’d like to : )

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