Holiday Cheer

Happy Holidays, woo-woo. . .

I love the Christmas holidays. All the food, joy, decorations, food, snow (Colorado), family,. . . hey, did I mention food?? Although an avid non-cooker, baker, candy-stick maker myself, I have lots of talented friends that feed my holiday weakness.

Yes, there is Weight Watchers after Christmas sale — I’ve put a membership on my list, LOL!

Okay, back to this season of joy specifically. So many families have been touched by the uncertain economics of our day. Our family is right up there with them. It hurts my heart when I can’t send my daughter in college more little surprise gift cards for all her favorite haunts, or offer to fill up my son’s gas tank when I see the needle is pointing south. A humble heart gives God the best kind of clay to work with.

The only ones not suffering in the household are KD and Hank, that’s only because with the colder weather, they have to spend more time inside. If I want the interior of my house to survive before the holidays, there better be lots of chew bones around to keep them happy : )
But this season of less is actually offering my family more. My husband never asks for anything for Christmas which makes him the most difficult to buy for. This year he is cooperating and his list contains things my kids are happy to search for in the Walmart scratch and dent section — and both will still give dad the obligatory shotgun shells to tide him over goose season.

Both kids have dutifully turned in Christmas lists containing items even the most moth ridden piggy bank and afford.

Me? Did I mention my love for the holiday food?????? Kids can bake and hubby can cook with the skill of a bachelor : )

The holidays will be relaxed for us. Popcorn and movies, apple cider and board games. I’m looking forward to it. Family, friends and food. Can’t get any better than that.

May God bless you richly this holiday season. Take time to listen and hear the angels sing.
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