Averting Disaster

Have you ever had one of those days?

My son and I shared one of those days recently. He wanted to play an Internet game with some of his friends, so of course, being the wonderful mom that I am : ), agreed to let him bring his computer up to my office, disconnect the Internet from my computer and power his up.

Piece of cake, Mom. Nothing to worry about.

I believed him. He had a great time that night and in the morning, I reminded him to hook my computer back up. Switching cords back and forth, he pushed his computer away and turned mine on.


Wait Mom, Beeper said this was easy.

Beeper? How in the world can anyone rely on advice from someone named Beeper? Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I turned my mind to laundry and dishes, in hopes that good, honest work would somehow right my world.

Um, Mom? Now before you get mad. . .

Mad? Sick to my stomach was more like it. Three years of stuff lived on the hard drive of that computer. I followed him into my office where he’d reconnected his computer and called up the HP troubleshooting center. He read off the instructions, I watched for the appropriate light to blink. Ooookay, let’s try the next fix.

And the next one.

And the next one.

An hour later, we pronounced my old faithful, workhorse of a computer dead.

My son felt sooooo bad about the situation. I, oddly enough, wasn’t that upset. You see, about 3 weeks earlier, I had one of those feelings to check the update on my external drive. Hmm, only my files were backed up, not the entire drive. So reset the commands and at precisely noon each day, my entire hard drive was backed up to my external drive.

BTW, I don’t write on the computer with the Internet. I write on my little laptop across the room. No Internet, no Mahjong, no Solitaire.

No Disractions. Only books.

This computer melt down was a fluke. My son had pulled the wrong cord at the wrong time. All I lost was my Favorite list on the Internet : )

And, all’s well that ends well. I have confiscated his computer until I receive one from a friend of mine who has an extra (God does provide, LOL). My husband is going to route the Internet downstairs so the kids can have that computer to piddle around with all they want.

And I get sole custody of my office.

2009 is looking mighty bright to me : )

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