Sure it looks easy…

I spent most of the afternoon brawling with Blogger and Photobucket. I am not the most computer literate apple in the bushel, and afternoons like this are frustrating reminders of that fact. It looks easy, doesn’t it? Just follow the template prompts and Voila! you should have a blog or website as shown in the marketing brochures.

Yeah, right.

Wailing my woes to the Seeker loop for support from my sisters, I whined enough to make all of us feel good : ) Camy Tang, in her infinite cyber hardware wisdom emailed a few simple steps and finally Voila!, just like in the marketing brochures : )

Anyway, take a look at the right of my blog and witness the fruits of my labor. My slideshow attempts to display my inspiration for Rough and Ready, Book One of my Circle D series. I’m doing a serious revamp of the plot and God has thrown some pretty good wrenches in my former okay plot to give the unexpected twists and turns. Well, they were unexpected to me, LOL.

I like it.

I hope you will soon, too : )

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2 Responses to Sure it looks easy…

  1. Camy Tang says:

    Haha! Good for you, Audra! Nice pics. Makes me want to come visit you in CO.

  2. Any time you want to come out. We have an extra room : )