Only Uni

Book 2 in the Sushi Series
by Camy Tang

Trish Sakai has upset Grandma. Not a bad thing for the average person, but in the Sakai family, no one upsets Grandma. Trish had all the right reasons for putting her life on the so-called line–she’s just not ready to marry yet. Or is she?

Having kissed dating good-bye and asking the Lord’s guidance in leading her to the chosen man, Trish finds herself in humorous peril more often than not. Stalked by a gorgeous ex-boyfriend, supported by loving cousins who complain they’re always there to pick up the pieces of Trish’s life only to have her mess it all up again, and ramrod-ed by a Grandma who has sleuthy ways to persuade her granddaughter to see things in proper fashion, this book is a laugh from page one. To top it all off, her partner on a project at work is a man too good-looking for his own good, yet she must resist this temptation, she promised the Lord. . .right?

Ahh, what’s a flirtatious, senior biologist, California girl to do? Pray hard and meet the world head-on!!

As the second book in the Sushi Series, Only Uni is a wonderful, fast paced book that will make you laugh time and again. Life in the single lane as a Christian lady ain’t easy to begin with; Trish Sakai demonstrates how to overcome expectations with style! I can’t wait for the third book to come out!!

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