Sushi For One?

Sushi For One?
Camy Tang

Bold. Gutsy. Unique.

This debut book by Ms. Tang is certain to open your eyes to a new culture alive and well and flourishing in gorgeous California. Bringing to life Asian customs, the characters never let you forget you’re in the United States, yet the mouth watering descriptions of Oriental foods and the fine examples of dedication to time honored traditions encourage the reader to consider looking up the closest sushi bar in town.

Lex Sakai is perfectly happy with her life. Grandma is not. Lex has high aspirations for her life, many of which seem to be falling just within reach. Grandma wants Lex married and pulls all stops to get what she wants. Who will win?

With a delightful cast of characters, Ms. Tang introduces us to the worlds of volleyball and physical therapy. Goals, ethics and dreams. Lex is thrown together with strangers, friends and relatives alike in a bizarre competition where the prize appears to satisfy only Grandma. Drawing on her Christian faith, Lex juggles the obstacles thrown in her way and just when we think she is down for the count, Lex discovers miracles really do happen when you let go and let God.

Excellent read. I look forward to next book in the series.

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